Rental Rates - The Studio WLV Rentals

Rental Rates

Starting as low as $60/hour!


Weekday Rates
Hourly (2hr Min.)
$250 ($125/hr)
4 hours
$400 ($100/hr)
8 Hours
$600 ($75/hr)
12 Hours
$780 ($65/hr)
Weekend Rates
Hourly (2hr Min.)
$300 ($150/hr)
4 Hours
$480 ($120/hr)
8 Hours
$720 ($90/hr)
12 Hours
$936 ($78/hr)
Creative Co-Op + Equip. Access
4 hours
$300 ($75/hr)
8 hours
$520 ($65/hr)
12 hours
$720 ($60/hr)

Become a Member

For even lower rates join our co-op for a bankable number of hours or you can become a member by signing up for 6 month membership fee of $120/mo for 3 hours a month. Members get free access to equipment on membership days and we hold a membership collaboration hour every Friday from 5pm-6pm.

You can also buy hours to use anytime you want during our Co-Op hours.

Join our inspiring coworkspace where you can access the tools you need for creative projects without needing a Hollywood budget.